Optimal Prices

Corrily adapts your prices and discounts to different user segments in order to boost revenue.
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Set up live price experiments on a portion of your traffic and let Corrily handle the rest. Find the optimal price point for each of your user segments.
Adjust your prices based on your customers’ willingness to pay and show prices in their local currency.
Personalize your discount offerings to your customers based on their demographics and interactions with your site.

Boost MRR growth by 40%*

On average, Corrily's clients have increased their revenue growth by 43.2% as measured by A/B testing.

Understand your users' Willingness To Pay

With Corrily, you are able to understand what factors affect your users' willingness to pay — be it country, browser, or time of the day. You can then use this information to dynamically offer optimal prices and discounts.
+ Custom integrations

How it Works


Integrate with our API easily

Corrily wraps the prices you display on your website with an easy-to-use API that remembers which price was shown to a user. Integration with payment gateways only require a couple of clicks.
+ Custom integrations

Set up your experiment

You define price bounds for Corrily to explore and select KPIs you want to maximize. We guide you along each step to keep the process as simple as possible. We ensure the proper setup of your experiments to achieve success

Get recommendations

Corrily gives you recommendations and cohort analyses to optimize your pricing. We also give you a complete picture of what influences your customers' willingness to pay.

Boost revenue

Your prices are now adapted to the countries of your choosing to maximize your revenue.


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